Here's what I need to survive this Autumn/Winter.

ABRIL from Made in England Collection, Dr.Martens.
I really like the idea of tassel loafers meeting mary janes. So cute. I think my life would be completed if I had a pair of these shoes. They're now like half price of original one but still pricey for me. 

Two outerwears from H&M Studios A/W 2014 Collection
Both the black one and the White one are so simple that they can go with different kinds of clothes while their shapes are quite unique, and that attracts me a lot!
I'm wondering if there are any stores that still have this Collection,,,I checked H&M in Osaka but they've already sold them out there.

By the way, making GIF is so fun!haha I tried that for the first time today and I put the one I made on this post right away.
Another GIF on my Instagram@juriokita

Sweet dreams:) Juri

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