New York Fashion Week

This is definitely the one i had been looking forward to the most! Every year i was watching live streams of the shows on my iPhone or on my PC but this year, I was actually there, just a few feet away from the runway,,,
yes, I wasn't invited to any show, of course, but just being there and looking at cool people's outfits made me so excited.

The place was filled with such people and photographers. Every time celebrities or famous editors showed up, they got together and took pictures desperately. And I was also one of them when Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington showed up.

just WOW,,,
At Marc Jacobs show in upper east side, the last show of NYFW. A bunch of celebrities there,,, It felt like I was in a REAL GOSSIP GIRL WORLD! That was the most exciting thing I've ever done in NY.

Love, Juri.

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